Beau Taylor

20111120-214346.jpgBeau Taylor Smith was born on Monday, October 24th, 2011 at 2:48PM CST at Maple Grove Hospital in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

The Beginning

The day before Beau was born, I had my Mom, Twila, Aunts, TC and Janny and the Tavernier girls over to watch the Viking-Packers football game at our home on Marshall.  Despite the third trimester being extremely uncomfortable, physically, it was best day I had for a few months.  My Aunts made cheese dip generously with jalapeños.  My Mom was following me around like a little puppy dog and pleading with me to take some castor oil so her grand-baby would share the same birthday her.  Me ever so annoyed with her, I told my Mom over and over again that God would decide when my little boy would come.  Sadly, little did I know what God had in store for my 49-year-old mother 1 year later.

On that day, I was two days shy from my due date of October, 25th.  I was dead set not giving into my mother’s ideas, but I was just as anxious as her.  I wanted to meet the being that curled up into a ball {only on the left side of my belly}; the one I fell in love with from the very beginning, the exact moment I found out I was pregnant — sitting on our master bathroom toilet.